Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Childbirth - EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!

So if you'll remember back to my birth story with Patrick, you might recall that I was supposed to have a C section.  I was very comfortable with this idea, as it was planned, controlled, and would hopefully entail as little drama as possible.  Well THAT didn't happen.  It was dramatic, unexpected, surprising, and early!!  I showed up to the hospital in super active labor, at 5 cm dilated, and they made me push. 

I soooooooooo didn't read that chapter in the 15 baby books I read while pregnant with Patrick.  I was HAVING a C SECTION - it wasn't necessary!  I didn't talk to friends about giving birth, I didn't read about it, I didn't take classes... nothing.  And then out of nowhere, I had to do it.  2:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, 36.5 weeks along, totally unprepared. 

You'd think that after that experience, I'd be prepared to do it again (doc says I'm pushing again this time, since my cervix is proven to work the way it's supposed to during childbirth).  However, I am not.  I do remember that I had to push for 2 hours and had no idea what I was doing.  I was in a lot of pain afterward and feel like maybe if I had been prepared, it wouldn't have seemed so traumatic and hard.

So this time, dangit, I'm going to GET PREPARED!  I've been avoiding the topic for a while now, but since I'm going to be 31 weeks shortly, and baby girl might arrive anytime around 36 weeks, I really need to start preparing myself for this endeavor. This morning I pulled out two baby books from my shelf (from the last pregnancy) and am going to read those chapters on childbirth.

This thing is getting real.  I'm having another baby.  Another Hall baby.  Another Patrick.  OMG.  Am I sure I'm ready?  Well, ready or not, here she comes!  So I better prepare myself.  And the nursery. And my husband.  And our son!

And that does NOT include packing the hospital bag - last time I packed that bag early, Patrick arrived a few hours later.  I don't want to jinx us this time!  Maybe I'll make a list for Sheridan and say "if I go into labor, throw this stuff into the bag sitting on the dog crate and let's boogie".

Anyway, time to get to work. 

Love, Mer

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Thoughts

Well, we made it through the brutal Texas summer, and once again it's Fall.  I love this time of year!  Growing up, it meant going back to school, the beginning of intensive training for gymnastics since competitions began in January, homecoming dances.... and now it means cooler weather, busy time at work, FOOTBALL SEASON, and still feels like a fresh start. The Hall household is in full swing, getting prepared for baby numero dos - our baby girl.

Becoming a 2nd time mom is definitely less intimidating than the first time - I feel like I'm better prepared for what's about to come.  I'll know how to deal with the diaper blowouts, colic-y symptoms, lack of sleep, sleep training, when to feed what and when, etc. etc. etc.  but I'm still a little nervous about having 2 little ones in the house versus one.  I mean, P is a monster - like a crazy little pinball with endless energy and creativity - how are we going to be able to keep up with TWO?!  Well, it's a blessing, so I just need to keep on remembering that.  :)
I'm getting rounder, slower, and more tired and the doc says that we need to be prepared for baby girl to arrive around the same time that P did, if not before... so that really only gives us about 6 more weeks.  EEK!  We still haven't even started on baby girl's nursery (well, I do have the bedding), because we've been concentrating on P's big boy room.  So far, his is done - it's adorable and he likes it a lot - save a couple more things...  And he's still sleeping in the Pack N Play IN his new room - hasn't transferred to the big boy bed yet... we'll see how that goes!  Wish us luck.

Sheridan just got promoted at work - YAY!  He's been working hard to achieve this, so I'm really happy for him and know he's going to have his opportunity to really shine.  Congrats, babe - you deserve it!!  My job is hectic right now, so I'm looking forward to some "down time" (yeah right) during maternity leave...  Meanwhile, I'm working like crazy to get my reqs in good order, so that when I leave, my temp replacement will know which way is up.  :) 

We just celebrated our second wedding anniversary, so that was really exciting!  What an amazing 2 years it's been - we got married, moved to Austin, had Patrick, started new jobs, bought a house, I started at Dell on a perm basis, we made another baby, and now here we are about to complete our family!!  Whew - that's tiring just hearing about it.  I need a nap.

With that, I bid you adieu!  Until next time... Love, Mer

p.s.  Nursery and big boy room pictures soon to follow...

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Recent Trips

Highlights from my recent trips to San Diego, Northern California, and New York City.  Whew, no wonder I haven't had time to blog!!