Monday, September 26, 2011

Thomas the Train

This past weekend we took K and P to Burnet to ride Thomas the Train!  The actual steam train came to Central TX and toddlers from all over the area brought their parents for a fun day in the 102 degree heat.  YAY!  ;)  P loved all the activities, music, and most of all - the choo choo.  How cute is my little conductor in his overalls and conductor hat?  As for Katie - she loved all the people watching...  I'm excited that baby girl is old enough that we can start doing this stuff as a family now.  I can't wait to take them to a football game someday!  It'll be a little longer... but soonish.

Summer 2011

Well, I wish I could say summer was really OVER, but the 100+ temperatures are still lingering, even though it's almost October.  I'm pretty sure this is the most brutal summer I've ever experienced in TX.  I mean, they're all brutal, but it's been like a frying pan for 5 full months now.  Fall - please hurry!!!!!

Meanwhile, we sure had some fun this summer.  Check out some of my favorite shots of our family time -


Love, Mer

P Got a New Bed!

So after the chin gashing experience/ first stitches experience, the first thing Sheridan said was "so... new big boy bed for P"?  Ohhhhh, little did he know how much this would cost him.  ;)

New mattress - $400
New bed frame - $150
Slats and hardware for new frame - $50
New bedding (he got off lucky here; we found Cars bedding at Target) - $40
New decals and posters to match the new Cars 2 theme - $100
Little kid who LOVES his new double bed and Cars room AND sleeps later  and better these days... PRICELESS!!!

July 4th in Indy

Highlights include celebrating Fred's 70th, Matt's 40th, meeting baby Shannon (who's not so much of a baby anymore) and introducing our little princess to all her aunts/ uncles/cousins/ grandparents.  Carolyn's family has a sweet and historic cottage on Bass Lake, IN and we spent time there, and at Matt and Carolyn's new house in Indianapolis.  Awesome times!!!  I wish all my siblings in law lived closer...

Next stop: Edgewood, NM to see Sheridan's mom and stepdad's new place at Thanksgiving.  We can't wait to see the crew again and celebrate the holiday (and Katie's first birthday) together!

There are way too many great pics to post on this blog, so here's the Flickr link:

Enjoy!  Mer

Darbys Do Austin

OK, so I'm super behind on my blogging, so I'm going to paraphrase for the next few posts.  :)

We're super excited that the Darbys came to Austin to come us.  It was such a mad house with 4 little kiddos in the house, but so much fun.  Sweet Finn loved Baci and gave him TONS of attention; I loved getting the opportunity to get to know Griffin better - he is such a special little dude - so funny and playful!!  And P loved having the Darby boys in the house to play with, but Katie particularly loved all the attention... well, maybe not ALL the attention (see pic below).  LOL