Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby Watch

Well, this is the first installment of baby updates since the cat is now officially out of the bag. I’m knocked up!!!

So The Mer Show readers have missed all the morning sickness and sheer panic that happened when I first found out I was pregnant – from about weeks 6 to 9. From weeks 9 to 11 I was SO tired and grouchy, I could barely function, and poor Sheridan had to put up with a massive couch potato!! Now, I’m feeling back to myself (almost), with the occasional bout of heartburn (like right now after eating Afghani chicken kebob for lunch; ouch) and a bit of fatigue still. I guess this is going to be the phase of massive weight gain! Oi vey – here we go! Right now I’ve only gained 6 pounds since May, so that’s right on track for a healthy trimester; however, I think that will accelerate here pretty soon. I have some maternity pants waiting for the day I need them, but for now I’m just pinning my old pants if they’re tight and wearing some of my “fat day” outfits that I haven’t had to wear since that year or two in San Diego when I was pretty pudgy. I’m glad I didn’t get rid of those!!

So I get an email every week from telling me what is going on with the baby that week, and apparently today, at 12 weeks, the baby is the size of a lime. Wasn’t it just a blueberry last week?!!! Before I know it, this kid is going to be peeling out from the driveway in a red Camaro. God help us!!

So here is a shot of the last ultrasound that was done on 7/23. The little blob from the first ultrasound looks like a little alien baby now… it’s so crazy!!! But it’s amazing, fun, and such a blessing. I am happy to have my blog to document this really exciting time in mine and Sheridan’s life. If you get sick of hearing about my burgeoning bundle of joy… SORRY! I will try to write about other stuff… like my wedding! ;) Just kidding – I swear I have other interesting things to say…

Hope everyone’s having a great week!

Love, Mer

Monday, July 28, 2008

Love, Marriage, and Baby Carriage

Going to the chapel and I’m gonna get maaaarrrrried… Well, not to the chapel, but to The Bahamas in September!!

Sheridan took me to Lake Tahoe this weekend, and after a fabulous couples massage and gorgeous gondola ride to the top of the Heavenly ski resort, he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I said YES!!! The plan is to get hitched while we vacation at Sandals Royal Bahamian in September – just him and me on a gorgeous tropical island professing our love and commitment to each other in the Caribbean breeze. A romantic, intimate wedding for two. It’s going to be AMAZING and I can't wait to marry this wonderful man!

Oh yes, and did I mention that we’re expecting a little baby? When we figured out we wanted to get married, we decided to take our chances with preventing a little one… and BAM! Who knew that would happen so fast? Wowsers!! So on Thursday I’ll be 12 weeks pregnant and will enter the 2nd trimester, so I can finally tell everyone WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!!

Of course, it’s all very “Hollywood” getting pregnant and then getting engaged, and then married before the baby comes... but I’m a California girl now, right? Fortunately, I’m pretty sure Sheridan wanted to marry me even before he knocked me up, so I don’t feel *too much* like it’s a shotgun wedding… but it’s fun to joke with people about it! Hahahaha

So spread the news!!! The Mer Show is settling down, and couldn’t be happier about it. Thanks, Sheridan, for making me the happiest girl in the world… I love you!

Love, Mer

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Katherine Heigl

What is with this chick, Katherine Heigl? She is such a pain in the neck!!

First, she went and lambasted the very movie that made her a movie star – Knocked Up – dismissing it as sexist, complaining that it makes women appear humorless and uptight (did she read the script before she made the movie?), and now she’s at it again! Upset that she didn’t get good enough material on Grey’s Anatomy (to her liking), she withdrew her name from Emmy contention for her role and made a big stink about it. What an ungrateful shrew!! She was certainly vocally obnoxious when Isaiah Washington dropped his homophobic slur of her castmate “George” (I don’t know his real name), and I can support her defense of her friend, but the way she handled it was certainly tactless. I guess that was foreshadowing…

When is someone in Hollywood going to call out this person on her lack of tact and appreciation for the very shows/ movies that helped her become famous and marry her music star husband? There are rumors that the creators of Grey’s Anatomy are thinking of killing her off the show, and I sort of hope they do.

Well, there you go. Now I can’t name my daughter Katherine… Another female name bites the dust!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rant: Loud Flip Flops in the Office

Perhaps I’m just really hormonal today, but I have this colleague that insists on wearing rubber flip flops to the office, and it's really annoying me.

A) Flip flops are not appropriate in an office setting, particularly in ours, where we don’t wear jeans except on Fridays; it’s truly Business Casual (not Casual Casual)

B) This particular woman is overweight, so she walks really hard on her feet, which makes the flopping of the flips extremely LOUD.

You can hear these darn flip flops coming from WAAAAY down the hall and it just drives me crazy!! I even heard our Director of HR mention to her that perhaps flip flops aren’t the most appropriate attire for the workplace, but this woman insists that she has bad ankles and really needs to wear them, since all of her other shoes have heels. (Why does a woman with bad ankles buy primarily heels?)

The really frustrating part? In California, flip flops are pretty much worn year round, so this could pretty much continue indefinitely.

Add it to the list of reasons why I need to find a new job!! Those darn loud flip flops are DRIVING ME CRAZY!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finley Update

Little Finley isn't a baby anymore - he's officially a little man! What a little heartbreaker, no? I hope mine is just as cute!!!

Love, Mer

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Deep Thoughts By Mer

Sorry for my lack of postings lately - it's been a particularly hectic time for me!! I'll explain more soon. Meanwhile, please find below some random thoughts I have on several very important issues.

1. So I watched the finale of The Bachelorette on Monday, and DeAnna chose the exciting and romantic 26 year old professional snowboarder over the good-looking, sweet, and stable 31 year old professional with a son. I have to say that when I single, I didn't prefer dating men with children (because an ex-wife usually comes with the kid, and who likes exes?), but this guy really has his act together - good looking, good guy. I know that Jesse was really sentimental and expressive and romantic, but honestly, I just don't buy it - he lost me with that whole diatribe regarding how his lack of career aspirations doesn't matter - "only love matters". Uh, ok... Good luck with that, DeAnna! Furthermore, I don't think any man under the age of 30 years old is capable of what he was professing... and this one is only 26, nowhere near the maturity point for guys. My bet is that DeAnna is going to have to figure that on her own. I could be wrong, but my prediction is that it ain't gonna last!

2. So poor Shania Twain caught her producer husband cheating on her with... SHOCKER - his assistant. I feel sorry for her, but as a huge fan of her vapid, yet fabulous music (she made 2 of my favorite two-stepping songs EVER, "Any Man of Mine" and "If You're Not in It for Love, I'm Outta Here"), I'm somewhat excited!! She basically went into hiding with her husband, because I think he is a bit of a hermit, but maybe now she'll come out of her hiding place, and make us some more sugary poppish country music. Bring it on, girl!!

3. So the summer Olympics starts soon and I can't wait!! You know what the best part of this year's festivities is? My DVR service!!! Every 4 years I have to figure out when the gymnastics is going to be, and have to either schedule my whole week around it, and then invariably, I miss it!! Ever since I dumped my VCR like 8 years ago, I haven't seen any Olympic gymnastics... And in 1996, I was in Spain studying for the summer, so I missed them then, too!! But anyway, my point is that DVR is going to revolutionize my Olympics-watching experience this year, and I'm pretty excited about it!!

4. I must have done something right, because karma finally got me back for recycling, letting people into my lane during rush hour, wiping off the wet counter in the work bathroom, and being careful not to ding people's car doors. I set my iPhone down at the mall last weekend and someone actually turned it in, and it was returned to me. Can you believe it? I'm so grateful!! I gotta keep up with my random good deeds. :)

That's it for now. I hope everyone's doing great!!

Love, Mer