Friday, March 16, 2012

Thoughts On Parenting A Son

My beautiful son, Patrick, makes me want to throw him out the window some days. :) He's so sensitive, emotional, high strung, and seems to find it hard to process all the noise. When he falls down and hurts himself, he wants his Daddy; sometimes he even puts his hand in my face and tells me "Not you, Mommy!" and this week he kicked me square in the eyeball, which hurt like a #(*&%*^@#! The tantrums have been really intense now since he was 13 months old, and he's now 3 and 2 months. I keep wondering when they will stop... and keep wondering... and keep wondering...

But I tell you, that makes it 100 TIMES MORE REWARDING when he has tender moments with me and tells me he loves me SO much, or the times when he actually does call for his mama after a bad dream. No matter how much trouble he causes, how many eyeball injuries he dons on me, wet underwear from potty training accidents, how many times he rips toys out of his sister's hands and makes her cry, how much whining in the carseat... I still love the kid more than life itself. He has taught me what true, unselfish love means - that's for sure.

That's it. I'm done with the deep thoughts for the day.  :)  Mer