Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Weekend

So this weekend Sheridan and I are attending two Halloween parties (one called "The Beaver" - I hope we're not showing up to a swingers party!) and I'm dressing up as a pregnant cheerleader. hehehe Sheridan's going to be my hero football star hubby! I'll be sure to take photos and post here next week.

But the BIG attraction for the weekend is.......... the Madonna concert I've been waiting MONTHS (well actually, my whole LIFE) to see!! I put on one of her CDs in my car this morning to start preparing myself to sing along the entire time (sorry, hubby - I'm warning you now!) and I literally started tearing up, I'm so excited! That could be hormones, no doubt, but it's a pretty good indicator of how excited I am!!!!!! OMG, I'M SEEING MADGE IN 3 DAYS!

I hope you all have a great Halloween! Send photos next week of yourselves and your babies so I can post on The Mer Show for the world to see...

Love, Mer

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prego Says...

I love my hubby more than anything in the world, but can't wait to sleep in the middle of the bed the next three nights... (and I'm sure he is, too!)

Have a safe trip to PHX, sweetie!! Love, Wifie and Baby Mama

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So Sheridan and I got up and went to the beach this morning for a little breakfast. It was a gorgeous morning and we had a fun time... Just thought I'd share of of the snaps with my Mer Show community. :)

Love, Mer

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Getting Closer!

Can you feel the winds of change?


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bump Watch - 23 Weeks

I'm not sure what happened in the last week, but my belly has all of a sudden SPROUTED! Sheridan looked over at me on Friday night and said "babe, we need to take a new photo"... I didn't realize that the last week has brought so much change! The baby book I've been reading did say that weeks 23-26 brings dramatic changes in the baby's weight, but apparently dramatic changes in my appearance, too.

I bought a maternity dress for our honeymoon, but it was a tent on me at that time, so I didn't actually wear it the whole time we were in The Bahamas. I finally got to wear it yesterday, and I filled out the pleats entirely! Again, what the heck happened to me in the last 7 days??!! How huge am I going to get??!!

Enjoy the new, improved baby bump photo (with Baci ball included - he wanted to be a part of the excitement)!

Love, Mer

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mer Show Turns 2!!!

Wow, I can't believe it's been two full years since the inception of my blog. There have been a lot of really cool milestones celebrated - my 30th birthday, introducing Baci into my life, falling in love with Sheridan, moving to San Jose, getting pregnant, engaged, then married... and all sorts of things in between like job changes, relationship changes, local moves and travels!!! Thanks to all my friends and family who follow my blog - A) for actually taking the time to read most of my nonsense and B) for supporting and encouraging me throughout some pretty life-changing events, particularly over the last year!

Who knows what the 3rd year is going to bring... well, I know it's going to bring a precious baby boy... but otherwise, it should be a surprising ride!!

Happy birthday Mer Show!

Love, me

Friday, October 10, 2008


Beat the Sooners!!!!

Texas/ OU weekend is a huge weekend of rivalry for both the Horns and Sooners - both teams converge on Dallas and meet in the Cotton Bowl for a slugfest every year. It's a huge tradition for both schools, and is called the Red River Rivalry (since the Red River separates Texas from Oklahoma). It's a weekend filled with parties, the state fair of Texas, and all kinds of fun. I have some great memories from Texas/ OU weekend and hope that I can make it to Dallas again someday for the big game... Maybe next year!

I hope my burnt orange Vince Young jersey will fit over my baby bump tomorrow!! :)

Love, Mer

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bump Watch

We're at 22 weeks - more than halfway through!! And we can't wait for the little Peanut to come... We're attending an infant care class tomorrow night - learning how to change diapers, bathe the baby, swaddle him, clean the umbilical cord, and stuff like that. Poor Sheridan had to turn away a free ticket to attend opening night to see the San Jose Sharks (hockey!) to attend class with me, so he gets a gold star for the week. Thanks for being a great husband and baby daddy, sweetie!!

Enjoy the baby bump shot. :)

Love, Mer

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. Sheridan and I registered at Macy's for our wedding, and I have been SO MAD every time something arrives packed in styrofoam packing peanuts (instead of some sort of ecologically responsible packing material)! And then this weekend we got something in the mail with different-looking peanuts, and a card stating that they have begun to use earth-friendly materials for packing. Apparently these are made of cornstarch and melt under water!! So I dumped the big box of peanuts into my kitchen sink, covered them with water, and VOILA - they melted and went right down the sink. HOW COOL IS THAT??!!! I'm so happy that a major corporation like Macy's has chosen the high road for their packing materials and hope that other companies follow suit.

2. I heard "Going Back to Cali" by LL Cool J this morning and it's been going through my head all day. Man, I remember that song SO vividly from middle school (what is that, 1988?)! How ironic is it that I fell in love with that song in Texas, and now I'm in Cali, and returning to Texas again?? (Oh yeah, I haven't made that announcement yet, but hang tight - it's coming...)

3. I'd like to see Sarah Palin debate Tina Fey. Do you think someone could help me arrange that? Petri - you could probably pull that off...
4. I saw a bluejay today! I haven't seen one of those in years... Not since I moved to the concrete jungles of downtown San Diego and San Jose! It was really pretty and made me happy. I just thought I'd share that.

That's it. Hope everyone is great!

Love, Mer

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Political Haiku

My friend Petri in Houston waged a challenge on his blog - - to write the best haiku in reference to our economic meltdown.

Here's his entry:

The bailout - schmailout
Two down, third time is a charm
What about my needs?

Here's mine:

What a clusterf**k!
Who even knows what's best now?
Moving to Europe.

Can any of my faithful Mer Show readers out there top those? Give it a shot!! :)

Love, Mer