Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's my sweet angel's first birthday. Where on earth did the time go?

Katie is currently wearing a size 3 shoe, and about to grow into a 4, and she wears size 12 months clothes.  She looks adorable in hair bows, but she ends up pulling them out and chewing on them... so no hairbows for more than like 20 seconds! She says dada, uh oh, doggie, and hi... and I just know that she's practicing on mama whenever I'm not around.  :)  Katie's not a big eater, like her big brother, but she does like Cheerios, cheese, oatmeal and fruit!  She's not quite walking yet, but cruises on EVERYTHING and is dying to run around with her big brother (who loves her very much).

We had one birthday party for her in NM over Thanksgiving with all her dad's family, tonight we're having an intimate family birthday, and this weekend we'll be heading to Houston to celebrate with my family in Kingwood. Her birthday will be properly celebrated!!

To my precious, sweet angelpie, Miss Katiebug, Sissybear... happy first birthday!  I love you so much.