Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So all is well in the Mer Show household.  I'm currently on a medical leave after having finally having the hysterectomy that's been on the horizon for the last four years!  I've been dreading this darn surgery for years now, but now it's finally over with!  I'm a little sore and it's been hard to get rest with 2 little monsters running around, but I'm gonna live.

For those of you wondering why on earth I had a hysterectomy at 36, it's because I was diagnosed with cervical adenocarcinoma in situ, stage zero (non-invasive cervical cancer), in 2007.  The oncologist wanted to remove my cervix back then, but I talked him into doing a lumpectomy to keep me healthy long enough to pop out a couple of babies. Thank heaven it all worked out ok!!!  I have 2 perfect (ahem), healthy little babies and am so grateful that I got the opportunity to have a family. Now that I don't need my baby maker any more, it was time to yank that sucker out.  Done and done!

People keep asking me how I feel about having the surgery, and I have a feeling that they want me to say that I feel sad about the loss of fertility.  Honestly, that bothers me none. More than anything, I'm just annoyed that I have to take time during the holidays to convalesce - I really don't have time for this!!  I worked my tail off to get work and home prepared for a 2.5 week break from my job, get all my Christmas shopping done by the 14th, get the house ready for visitors, etc. etc. etc. and I did pretty well, but there are indeed a few things that didn't get done. In the last few years, I've thankfully learned to let some things go.  :)  Right now none of my Christmas gifts are wrapped, but I have faith that it'll happen in time.  LOL  I almost didn't do Christmas cards, but threw one together quickly at - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that they address, stamp and send cards for you.  <3 you Hallmark!

I've watched quite a few movies over the last few days, which is highly unusual for me. With that, allow me to jot down some reviews:

Country Strong - pretty good, I give it a B. Who's the guy that plays Beau??
12 Dates of Christmas - typical ABC Family fare, I was amused
Karate Kid (with Jaden Smith) - surprisingly entertaining
Dear John - cried, dangit
Eat Pray Love - why didn't I do that after my divorce? And I really have a hankering for homemade pasta right now!

In other news, Katie just started taking some steps!!

So those are the most important updates for now. I'll try to log back on soon with more.

Meanwhile, merry Christmas to all of you and your families and friends!

Love, Mer