Friday, January 16, 2009

Day In the Life of a Housewife

I have to say, being a housewife is just as challenging as getting my butt out of bed every morning and schlepping to work! I guess I feel that since Sheridan is supporting the family 100% right now, that it's unfair to bombard him with household requests as soon as he comes in the door. So with that, I've been taking care of EVERYTHING in regard to unpacking, decorating the new place, preparing for Patrick, cooking, cleaning, errands, keeping the family in the loop on things, etc. etc. etc. And let me tell you - it's hard work!!! I have like 3 to-do lists going right now, and I'm just plugging away at them one at a time.

Today, my big project was fixing my iPhone, which took a poop. It completely crashed and I figured out how to restore it, download the latest version of iTunes, then iPhone software, get all my calendar stuff reloaded, music, and photos. While doing this, I started laundry, showered, cleaned the kitchen from dinner last night, processed the rebate for the washer/ dryer we just bought, finished up the diaper service request, answered a bunch of emails, set up an appointment to get our car seat inspected, unpacked the last box lingering in the guest bedroom, figured out the organization issue in our master bathroom, and threw the ball for the dog. This afternoon I plan to finish laundry, research cord blood storage, work on the baby room, and pack my hospital bag.

SERIOUSLY, I don't think I ever worked this hard at work - I'm exhausted! I hope the economy picks up soon, so I can get back to work in a few months... and relax a little! ;)


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Lindsay said...

It IS hard work being a housewife! :)
A tidbit of info on the cord blood that I just learned myself the other day while waiting to check out at my dr's office: There was a lady in front of me picking up her packet to have her cord blood banked. According to the "check out" lady, you can possibly get the blood bank to pay for it. I was sort of listening in and trying to keep my three year old from terrorizing the other ladies in the hall, so I'm not sure exactly how it works. But I think she said something like, if you file with your insurance to pay for the cord blood collection and they reject your claim, the blood bank will pay for it. I'm not sure if that goes for the collection and the banking. But it's worth checking into, because I had always thought that it was just an expense we would have to incur no matter what and it certainly isn't cheap.