Thursday, October 28, 2010

Patrick's Halloween Party at School

So getting this kiddo to sit or stand still for a photo these days is like herding cats... but I got some cute shots of him dressed up this morning for his school's Halloween party.  He's SUPER TODDLER!!  I mean, Spiderman.  :)

Quick update on P:

1. He's about 27.5 pounds now - 50% in weight, 30% in height.
2. He transitioned from his crib to his big boy toddler bed like a CHAMP.  It took about 2 weeks to learn not to fall out of bed, but he's doing great now.
3. His entire row of teeth have grown in on the bottom and he's got three new teeth coming in on top - only one space left!
4. He LOVES trucks and tractors, which is probably a result of all the construction going on in our neighborhood. "Gack" is truck and "gaar" is car.  :)
5. His daddy is his favorite person on the planet and he wants to be just like him - he imitates him every chance he gets and rather spend time with him than anyone else.  I'm done being offended and am just glad that P has such a *wonderful* father in his life.
6. No, he hasn't had his first haircut yet.  His hair is so pretty, curly, and sweet, and I just can't bring myself to cut it!!!  Soon, though... soon.

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