Monday, May 09, 2011

How We Picked Her Name

So someone today asked me how we picked out Katie's name.  In my mind, I tried to envision what my little precious angel would look like, and I saw a dark headed, freckly, delicate little girl that looked a little bit like Patrick.  She just looked like a Katie to me, in my mind... the picture in my mind of how I envisioned our baby girl is still very clear - I hope I never forget.  She actually looks quite a bit different in reality, but still like a Katie to me.  :)  Anyway, we reverse engineered her nickname and decided on Kathryn/Katherine/Catherine.  I gave Sheridan the choice and he liked the first spelling the best.

Other names in contention were Juliet (I love Shakespeare) and Lexie/Alexandra.  However, Juliet H. just didn't sound right for some reason... and there's already a Lexie H. in daycare with P and K, so that ruined that option!  We thought and thought and thought about whether Katie was the right name, and no other name ever came close - she was just a Katie.

Of course, her middle name Genevieve is after her paternal grandmother, Mary Genevieve.  And it turns out - we had no idea until after Katie arrived - that Genny's grandmother was also named Genevieve, and she was named after her.  So our little muffin is named after her great, great grandmother Genevieve.  How cool is that?

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