Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What's Your World View?

Pretty interesting - I scored a 9, 0.

Your rating regarding science/non-science: 0
Your rating regarding values & humankind: 9
Your position on the worldview spectrum: (9,0)

Science/non-science: The position on the vertical axis indicates your view about 'how the world works'. The range of positions along this axis is from 10 (most focused on science) to -10 (most supernatural/superstitious). A position near the middle (from top to bottom) indicates a basis in science with an openness to non-science.

Values & humankind: The position on the horizontal axis indicates the value one places on the human lineage in the natural world. This is based on the answers to questions about values (these questions are outside the realm of science). A high rating means the worldview places a high value on survival of the human lineage (including any offspring) in the natural world.

Positive ratings are plotted on the right, with a maximum position of 10. Ratings on the left are negative and correspond to the extermination of the human lineage in the natural world (often in favor of an after-life). Ratings near the middle of the horizontal axis indicate that neither progress nor extermination of the human lineage is valued highly.


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