Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have finally bitten the bullet and done something that I've been considering for years now... I signed up with Netflix!! I'm so excited!! Get ready Life Sucker 4000 and new LCD flatscreen - we're about to spend some quality time together!

As most of you know, I'm a huge movie buff and love everything from action movies, drama, comedies, chick flicks, and especially indie flicks. But of course, Sheridan and I have a little bit different idea of what constitutes great cinema... Like most dudes, he likes mostly testosterone-filled action movies and slapstick comedy from the 80s, like "Caddyshack" and Mel Brooks crap, I mean movies. ;) So getting him to watch movies where two people happen to love one another is pretty much impossible, as he categorizes them as chick flicks. I am not a huge fan of fantastical stuff, like scary movies with ghosts (it's unrealistic, so why would that scare me?), sci fi (like space movies, "Lord of the Rings" type of stuff), or historical flicks, which most guys love. And then there's the "Death Avenger III" movies, which is my 'generic name for all stupid movies that girls would never watch' category.

I bring up these categories to demonstrate the difference between movies that men like to watch vs. the types of movies that women like to watch. I don't consider myself the typical chick-flick-only kind of girl, but Sheridan still takes exception to my taste in movies, so this should be interesting to see what kinds of movies we're going to find to watch together. Particularly when we both LOVE movies, but love different kinds of movies...

Ahhhh, the beauty of cohabitation. Isn't it lovely? I love you Sheridan, and will watch "Death Avenger 9, 10, and 11" if you'll watch "Billy Elliott" and "Little Miss Sunshine" with me... Deal?

Love, Mer

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sheridan said...

So, I take it Blazing Saddles is a no-go for tonight?