Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, it's been a while since I've updated all you faithful bloggies (I just made that word up) on how things are going here in Mommyland. Well, it's interesting!! Life pretty much consists of feeding (the baby, the hubby, and myself), cleaning up after said feedings, cleaning up pee and poop (the baby, that is), trying to figure out Patrick's different cries and tend to them accordingly, trying to figure out how to leave the house most effectively, and generally adjusting to being a mom and the primary caretaker for our little dude. It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life - no joke. But I really love my little guy and husband and feel so grateful that I have this opportunity in life!! That sentiment gets me through the hard days and makes me appreciate the good days even more...

A few things about my little Patrick:

1. He was weighed at his last doctor's visit, last Wednesday the 25th, and weighed in at 10 lbs, 13 oz and is now 22 inches long. Growing, growing, growing, that boy is!
2. He doesn't cry when his diaper is dirty. Most of the time, I change him solely because I'm about to feed him and need to wake him up, because I detect something that smells a little like toxic waste in his pants, or because there is a very scary noise emanating from his diaper - sort of a combination of a foghorn and a machine gun. This sounds like a GOOD thing, but I feel bad because I never know how long the mess has been residing in his diaper... I'm still working out this issue.
3. Patrick is just starting to smile and grin at things he likes. Some of those things include rattles, Baci, his daddy, bathtime, and the sight of my boobie (I think he gets that from his daddy!). ;)
4. His hungry cry sounds like cats in heat fighting each other in the middle of the night. It reminds me of being a kid and being awoken by my cat fighting all the other tomcats in the neighborhood...
5. We've figured out a sleeping routine that has started to entail his sleeping for about 5 hours straight - from about 11:00 am to 3:00 am and then another 3 or 4 hours after I feed him and get him back to sleep. I'm starting to feel like an intellectual being again after getting some rest!! Hallelujah!

As for me, I'm getting better at keeping the diaper bag and car packed at all times in order to get out of the house more quickly. I still end up leaving with everything he could possibly ever need - diapers, burp cloths, change of outfits, bottles, rattles, pacifiers, blankets, socks, hand sanitizer, extra diaper covers, etc. etc. etc. - because I'm not sure what he REALLY needs yet, but I'm working out that issue, too. It's getting better, though, and I'm starting to take him out and about more often. I have to admit, I love it when strangers stop me and comment on how cute Patrick is... It makes my day!

In other news, Sheridan and I have had lots of visitors in the last few weeks. It's been so nice! In addition to his mom and my parents visiting in January and February, we recently hosted my friend Laurie from high school (we reconnected on Facebook!) and Matt and Carolyn (Sheridan's brother and sister in law) for weekend visits. We're especially glad we got to see Matt before he starts his yearlong deployment to Afghanistan - he's a Captain in the Army and is heading over soon. Please keep his safety in your thoughts and prayers over the next year!

And lastly, it's time to get back in shape for me. I'm not going to be jumping into spinning classes anytime soon or anything like that, but I really want to get my body back into shape. Plus, I just feel really weak! Sometimes my arms get sore just burping the baby or my legs get tired walking up the stairs with the baby in my arms... I've pretty much lost all the extra weight from pregnancy already, but I'm just OUT OF SHAPE and have a soft belly for the first time in my life. NOT COOL! So I'm getting started on a new plan called Mommy Without Pounds this weekend - it's a special nutrition and exercise program designed for breastfeeding moms. Stay tuned for news of progress!

OK, I'll try to write more soon. Love, Mer


sarah from the suburbs said...

Love your blog, Meredith!

Kate is nine months old and i am just NOW leaving the house with a smaller version of her baby bag. i was like you and brought along everything she might possibly need! luckily, we don't travel too far from the house, so i can run home quickly if need be!

little patrick is the cutest...looks just like you! i'm so glad to see you enjoying motherhood. it is hard, but SOOOOO worth it. :)

angela.sarich said...

oh mer, its so cooool to read all about your experiences with motherhood and austin and sheridan and baci and of COURSE little patrick! i cant wait to see you again...but until then, the blog helps! xo

Meredith said...

Thanks, ladies! I'm so glad to know that someone actually appreciates all my silly thoughts and stories. Especially since I spend most of my days - these days - in my jammies with a human being that can't talk and a dog that "talks", i.e. barks way tooo much. It's pretty isolating, so this is a great way to express my thoughts! :)