Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Today, in honor of Mother Earth, I'm heading downtown to meet up with a moms group for coffee and a trip to the farmers market. Uhhhh, how suburban housewife/ wannabe hippie am I?? Seriously, who would have ever thought? :) But I dressed Patrick up in his tie dyed onesie, packed up our green grocery bags, and we're headed out to stock up on local, organic fruits and veggies. Dinner tonight is gonna be yummy!!

All is well in the household. Patrick is doing much better after about 6-8 weeks of seriously challenging times. We finally identified his gurgling, rumbling, farting tummy issues as acid reflux and with his baby Zantac, we have a new baby on our hands! We have also started with a more consistent nap and sleep schedule and P is feeling and sleeping a million times better, which makes for a happy FAMILY. He's started interacting more with us, including lots and lots of smiles and it's so fun to watch his little personality blossom. I feel so grateful to be home with him during this really special time and although I'm starting to eyeball going back to work soon, I'm definitely glad to be home with the the little dude.

More updates and photos to come!

Love, Mer

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