Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome Bo!

Dear Bo,

I hear that you've made your arrival to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and let me congratulate you on finding a nice new family. Let me give you some advice as a new puppy in a new home, since I have some experience with this myself. I hear you love running, playing, and jumping around in your fancy new digs. Be sure not to pee on the hardwoods, the beds, couches, tile, cabinets, and every other surface you can find - I did that and I yelled at... A LOT! You might also want to avoid chewing on hands, toes, couches, pillows, cups, furniture, remote controls, cell phones, cameras, and everything else you can get your teeth on - that might get you spanked, and that ain't fun. Follow these rules and you'll be golden. Let me know how that works out for ya!

Meanwhile, I look forward to following you in the news outlets. Be good, or at least be good at it!

Love, Baci

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