Friday, June 05, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Oh man, I got sucked into this show when I was pregnant and laid off in San Jose, and now I'm really into it since there's so much drama! Why am I, in the immortal words of the Black Eyed Peas, addicted to the drama like the rest of the world? It's awful.

BUT ANYWAY... I vacillate every day whose side I'm on in this horrible he said/ she said debacle. I mean, Kate is SUCH a pain in the arse and has been really horrible to Jon on the show. "Jon, do it this way, do it that way, NOW dummy!" and "OMG, do you have to breathe so loud" and all sorts of really petty behavior toward him and on national television, no less! If I treated my man that way, I should be ashamed of myself! But I would never... It seems that in the new episodes, she feels bad about her behavior because she seems so much quieter and very sad. I really do feel sorry for her because it appears to be a very lonely future she has ahead of herself and I think she brought it on herself.

In a way, I don't blame Jon for needing a break after being verbally abused for so long, and so publicly. HOWEVER, did he really think he wasn't going to get caught stepping out? And now that he has gotten caught, does he really have to gallivant so openly with his new girlfriend? I mean, he took her to Utah when the cameras were filming for the show! What the heck was he thinking?! Not only was that really uncool toward his wife, it was disrespectful to his kids. I was on his side until the last couple of weeks - he's being a jerk.

It's really sad watching a couple and family fall apart before your very eyes... but it does make for some interesting television. Remind me never to go on a reality show about my marriage and family!! Let's keep The Mer Show simply an online endeavor for now... ;)

Love, Mer

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Lindsay said...

I have watched their show for a while too and it really is sad to watch their family falling apart before our eyes. A few things I think may have contributed to all of this: First, Kate has been emasculating Jon since the show started and if she has the guts to do and say what she does on the show in front of milions, can you imagine what goes on behind the cameras? My thought is if you do that enough to a man, eventually he will go elsewhere to fulfill his very deep need for respect. Secondly, most recently the two of them are constantly saying how they do everything they do for their kids. Kate has said on numerous occasions that she lives & breathes for her kids. Jon has also said they do the show and travel etc. all for their kids. Big problem! What about your marriage!? As soon as the kids become the focus of the family, it is doomed for failure, in my opinion. The children are meant to be an extension of the family unit and a contributor to the family, not the central focus. Anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts on it.

: )

It is very sad and I hope that maybe they can find some way to reconcile and put their family back together.