Friday, June 26, 2009

Thoughts on Michael Jackson, Upon His Death 6/25/09

This is my favorite picture (and album) of Michael Jackson - the cover of the Thriller album. In elementary school, my parents bought me a Fisher Price tape player and I played that cassette over and over and over... I wanted a poster of this very shot to put on my walls, but my parents wouldn't let me get one; I did, however, have a Michael Jackson t-shirt that I wore to "field day" in 2nd grade. I loved that shirt! I think that Michael Jackson is probably the Elvis of my generation...

Did you know that in 2005, I skipped work one day and drove up to Santa Barbara from San Diego with a friend, and we camped out in front of the courthouse to see MJ? I don't know where the photos are, but I did see him! We also followed his caravan from the courthouse to Neverland and watched him wave to the HUGE throng of fans - from all over the world - waiting there to see him come home. This was about about 2 weeks before that trial concluded; he left the country shortly thereafter and I don't think he ever returned to live at Neverland because he filed for BK and gave up the ranch. This would indicate that I'm a crazy fan, but honestly, it was just a fun boondoggle and an excuse to call in sick to work. haha

My predictions for the estate of Michael Jackson:

1. Neverland will become the new Graceland and will become a tourist attraction/ museum in California. (If they can figure out all the bankruptcy stuff that is currently being processed; will the State of CA turn a bad situation into a money-making opportunity?) That might be interesting!

2. The autopsy will return and show that MJ was a long time drug user. That would help explain his increasingly bizarre behavior over the last years. I'm guessing some prescription, some street drugs and a whole lotta booze.

3. We're going to see Michael Jackson sightings in the rag magazines, disputing the reality of his death. Perhaps I should be the first one to claim I saw him! Actually, I did see someone walking their dog this morning past my house that looked a little like Michael Jackson... or was that dog a chimp?

OK, in all seriousness, the entertainment industry lost one of its greatest players yesterday and there's no doubt that Michael Jackson provided the soundtrack for many lives around the world. With that, I hope that God blesses his soul and that he finally finds the peace that he obviously never found on earth.

Love, Mer

My fave MJ song with some scenes from his best videos:

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