Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Random Thoughts By Mer

1. Big Daddy bought me a new car!  We call her Red Dragon and every day, when I walk out to the garage, I can't believe that I get to drive her.  I've never had a car with the new car smell before!  I'm really enjoying her and P seems to like sitting up high and watching all the other cars - it's cute.  We had a couple of minor setbacks in the new car - a big, ugly door ding the FIRST day I parked in the parking lot at Dell (rude!!!!) and a speeding ticket about 3 days after I got the car (in this car, it feels like you're going 50 when you're going... 82).  But all in all, having a new car is super exciting!

2. Sheridan's best friend Troy is getting married this weekend in Nor Cal (he's the best man... again), and he went out to Tahoe for the bachelor party 2 weekends ago.  They had a blast and seem to have stayed out of big trouble...  :)  Patrick and I took the opportunity to head out to San Diego for some fun in the sun, relaxation, grandparent time, friend time, and a fun mommy/ son trip.  We had a blast!  He had a few meltdowns here and there, but he does that at home too, so all in all, I would say he handled it like a champ.

3. Ali chose Roberto.  He is yummy, sweet, and seems like a solid dude.  She better not mess it up!

4. We saw lady bits on the last baby ultrasound, so it does appear that baby numero dos is a baby girl.  It's finally sunk in that we're having a daughter and we're both really excited!  I've been doing a lot of online shopping, looking for the perfect bedding, accessories, and baby items to complete baby girl's nursery.  Now we just need to dismantle the 2nd guest room, paint, get P's toddler bed set up, get him settled in there, and take down all the boy stuff in the nursery to prepare for baby girl x (name to be determined)!   Good thing we have lots of time, because we have a LOT to do!

I think that's it for now.  Hope you all are doing fabulously!  Love, Mer

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