Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby Immunizations

I'm pretty passionate about the topic of immunizations for babies.  There was a study a while back that indicated that shot injury could be the source of autism, which is my worst fear for my children!  That study has recently been confirmed as a big ole source of horse crap, BUT it still got me thinking and researching the topic, so that I feel educated to make the right decisions for my children.  You know, when I was young, we received like 15 immunizations and kids now receive like 50, and so many of them all at once; and really, a Hep B shot at birth?  It just doesn't FEEL right to me, and what does feel right to me is ensuring that my children do receive all their immunizations, yet spaced out a little bit.  It doesn't feel right to me to inject a 12 pound baby with 5/6 shots at a time, all including mercury and other preservatives that keep the medication for long periods in the doctors' cabinets.   So I found a pediatrician that respects my wishes, and we developed a shot schedule together that makes sense from a medical perspective, and that I'm comfortable with, as well.  It took a lot of research, time, and thought, so I thought I'd share it all of you, in case you ever embark on a similar project.  Let me know if you have feedback or insight.

Thanks!  Mer

Mer Show Babies' Immunization Schedule

2 months – DTaP, Hib, Rotateq (Rotateq isn’t a shot, it’s oral)
3 months – IPV, PCV
4 months – DTaP, Hib, Rotateq
5 months – IPV, PCV
6 months – DTaP, Hib, Rotateq
7 months – IPV, PCV
October (beginning of flu season) – flu
12 months – Hep B
15 months –Hep B
18 months –MMR
October – flu
24 months – IPV, Hep B
30 months – Varicella, Hep A
October – flu
36 months – Hep A
4 years – DTaP, IPV
October – flu
5 years – MMR booster
October – flu
6 – varicella booster
October – flu
12 years – Tdap, HPV
12.5 years – HPV
13 years – Meningococcal, HPV

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