Friday, August 12, 2011

Mer Show Update

Well, it sure is hard these days to find time to update the ole blog, but it's definitely important to me, so I need to get with the program.

So the kids are growing up so fast and are really a joy.  Patrick's tantrums seem to be subsiding now that he can use words to tell us what he wants and feels.  He's FULL of energy still though, and some of the things he says and does just crack me up!  This past weekend, he got mad at me because I wouldn't let him drive the car!  LOL  But he really loves his baby sissy and gives her lots of kisses and attention... although he's not a big fan of sharing his toys and blankets with her.  That, of course, makes his toys and blankets her most FAVORITE things...  :) 

Katie is doing great!  She's tall and skinny - at 8.5 months, she's only about 16 pounds, but is very long.  She's got these long skinny legs, which astounds me... how on earth did I have a long, leggy, skinny kid?  I mean, clearly both my children took about 90% after their dad. Some days I look at them and wonder what it might be like to have a kid that looked like me.  Given that I'm DONE with having kids, I guess I'll never know!

Yesterday, Katie crawled for the first time and I happened to get it on video.  I knew it was going to take something pretty motivating for her to put herself in motion, and she found it.  She crawled over to snake Patrick's car out of his hand.  LOL Check it out!

Otherwise, I found out recently that I have a deviated septum, hence all the sinus headaches, infections, and SNORING!  So I'm having surgery next month to fix it, including some sort of shot to the soft palate of my mouth to stop the vibrating (read: snoring); Sheridan's pretty jazzed about that part!  LOL  I'll keep y'all posted about that - should be tons of fun.

We went to Indianapolis in July to visit Sheridan's siblings and their wives/kids and his dad/ stepmom.  Will post pics soon - we had a blast!

So that it's it for now.  Hope you all are staying cool this HOT summer!

Love, Mer

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