Friday, September 21, 2007


SERIOUSLY, it's been a crazy week! Between caring for my newly neutered puppy, helping Shayne get out of her place and moving all her stuff into mine (everything from 8 boxes of Jello instant pudding, 3 bottles of olive oil, 10 cans of black beans, a clothes steamer, a Swiffer Wet Jet and all the accoutrements, a dining room table, several pairs of fabulous shoes, tons of body lotions, a wine rack, and lots more), dealing with some rather upsetting boy drama, and somehow making time for a couple workouts, a hair color, and a massage somewhere in there… I planned an impromptu trip to Austin for the weekend. I had to cancel my trip to NC from the 12th - 18th, which was a huge bummer, but I’m excited to at least get out of town for a couple of days this week and clear my head. (NC peeps - I'm coming after the new year, I promise!)

Austin – live music capital of the world, home to my Texas Longhorns and Texadelphia (the best cheesesteak on the planet), and the scene of a few crimes from my past. I usually prefer not to look back, but as I get older, I feel much more of a pull toward my once-home. I plan to check out a football game and do some Texas-style tailgaiting, do some shopping at this fabulous new mall that just opened up (yippee!), and head out to Oasis to watch the sun set over Lake Travis. And of course, eat a ton of Tex Mex, barbecue, and drink as many margaritas as possible - duh!

Update forthcoming!

Love, Mer

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