Wednesday, May 14, 2008

HARD CANDY!!! Wooooooooo!

OMG, the new album by Madonna - Hard Candy - is out!! You know what that means, right? TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!! This time, I'm not going to miss it - I almost CRIED when I missed the Confessions on a Dance Floor tour because there wasn't a tour date in San Diego and noone would go to Vegas to see it with me.

Saturday November 1st, Oracle Arena, Oakland, California. Who's coming with me? Am I going to have to make some friends locally, or what?? Maybe I'll place an ad:


SWF looking for girlfriends or gay males to attend Madonna concert with me in November. Must be loads of fun, be prepared to drink and celebrate this momentous occasion, and lift 125 pounds in case I pass out from the excitement! Please apply at MadonnaFreak2008 at yah00 dot c0m.

What do you think?

Love, Mer

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