Friday, May 02, 2008

Man Rooms

Sheridan and I talk all the time about "man rooms" and "man caves" - you know, the space that every man as a part of a couple deserves as a small token of understand that YES, we know we've taken over their lives. We pick the bedding, the wall colors, the artwork, the dinnerware and corresponding silverware, and in some extreme cases (such as Sheridan's), their clothes and shoes! It's only fair that a man has a little bit of space to call his own - he can put whatever he wants in there, do whatever he wants in there (as long as it's not disrespectful to the woman or illegal; scratch that - illegal is actually fine, just as long as we're not forced to take part).

I wish we could have a man room for Sheridan to have some space for his... um, artwork, if that's what you call it (signed photos of football players, pictures of Vince Lombardi with motivational sayings, and pictures of boys playing baseball, and such) and other things that he deems necessary. I can't really imagine what that would be, but I'm guessing a big TV and tons of dudely DVDs with several beanbags for his friends, a beer fridge and maybe some nudie magazines - that all sounds pretty reasonable to me, really, but our little apartment is just too darn small. So here, on The Mer Show, in writing, I promise to offer the man of my dreams an official man room of his very own. Perhaps a finished basement, 4th bedroom, bonus room, or some other space that isn't totally necessary for future kids or guests. :)

What precipated this grand gesture? This article. Apparently our discussions of man rooms aren't the first ones to be had... And I thought I was somewhat original!!

Anyway, have a great weekend, everyone.
Love, Mer

p.s. Who's your horse for the Derby? I'm doing my homework tonight, and will decide by tomorrow morning. Sheridan and I are heading to the track in Sacramento for a Derby party thingy, and you know I'll put a few bucks on my horsie. If anyone has any hot leads, call me on my cell!! hahaha

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