Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Speedy Gonzales Update

It's a crazy day, so I can't chat much, but I have some updates on The Mer Show.

1. My job has made a turn for the better and it looks like I'm staying for 6 more months as a college/ university relations recruiter. I thought my contract was ending!! Apparently not...

2. Can't wait for the Sex and The City movie on Friday - I'm meeting a handful of girls I've met here in the Bay Area through work for drinks and the movie on Friday night. I used to be Samantha, but I'm more of a Charlotte these days!!!

3. Sheridan and I are heading down Hearst Castle for the 50th anniversary of the tours of the property. Sheridan put together a sweet little weekend for us - we're staying an inn on the water in Cambria, hitting the cocktail party on the veranda of the castle, and then heading back to enjoy the fireplace in our suite. Update next week!

4. My father is in the hospital as we speak after taking a nasty fall yesterday. Everyone send him warm thoughts for a speedy recovery!!

I hope all of you are doing great! Love, Mer

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