Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bump Watch

Well, I'm 19 weeks now and things are really progressing. The baby is moving like crazy, and I feel the movements constantly... We're definitely having an active one! I think the baby must like tomatoes, because when I've had tomato soup this week and spaghetti and meat sauce, I felt TONS of movement! I also had a bit of caffeine today, and the kid was dancing, dancing, dancing! I guess s/he's getting ready for the Madonna concert soon... haha

Meanwhile, here's a recent picture of the baby bump. It's started poking out, but you can't see so much in this photo. I think the next time we photograph the belly, it's really going to look different - it's growing pretty rapidly (yay!) and I'm starting to pack on pounds (ugh).

So that's the baby update. Next week we'll find out the sex, so stay tuned for that huge news!!

Love, Mer

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