Wednesday, September 24, 2008

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, so I was right all along - it is a little boy growing in my belly!! I told Hubby that the Chinese birth chart was wrong, and his response was "well, you're not Chinese"! That's so Sheridan...

MEANWHILE, how silly was I to think that the way I am carrying was indicative of the baby's gender?? I guess because it's my first baby, my tummy muscles are still in tact from my gymnastics days and they're holding on to fitness for their lives!!! And since the weight doesn't affect my tummy due to those muscles, it found other places to nest, like my boobs, arms, face, feet, hands, legs, and did I miss anything? Oh yeah, hair.

But back to Peanut!! Remember that episode of Sex and The City where someone reminds Miranda that she has a penis growing inside her?? That's all I could think about yesterday!! I giggled and beamed to the point that I was even annoying myself. I'M HAVING A SON!!!

I shouldn't be surprised, given that the father determines the gender and Peanut's daddy is one of 3 boys, his dad is one of 3 boys, his brother has a son, and in the entire Hall lineage, there's only ONE female (and I met her once; she was rather masculine). Do those Halls have ANY sperm with X chromosomes? Will my son have sons? That's cool with me - I love boys and men. Give me a whole house full of 'em!

A special apology to Lindsay, who I totally let down by not posting the baby's sex yesterday. I didn't know I *had* blog groupies!! I'm so excited!! Thanks for making my day... and thanks for keeping up with The Mer Show. xo

Love, Mer

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Lindsay said...

LOL...You're so sweet to apologize to me in your post. It's an honor to be mentioned in such an important post. Congrats again!