Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Baby Story Continues

So where did we leave off last time? The birth, that's right.

OK, so a couple hours after the birth of our sweet little baby boy, I decided to send home my very sleepy hubby for a nap, to let out the doggie out of the crate for a bathroom break, and to pick up anything embarrassing since my parents would be coming to stay for a few days. I had called my parents around midnight - about 4.5 hours before Patrick was born - to alert them that the baby was on his way, but not to bother jumping in the car immediately since he would most definitely arrive before they could get there (I was right).

With that, I was alone in the delivery room for a couple of hours (with so many babies - 8 others - having been born the night of Patrick's arrival, there were no post partem rooms available) and was told that I should relax and rest. YEAH RIGHT! I had a million thoughts running through my head and just couldn't wait to send out a text message to my closest buddies and family announcing the birth and of course, I had to update my Facebook status and share a couple of photos of the little dude... I also realized that I needed to pick a pediatrician and make an appointment for him, call the diaper service to initiate deliveries, call to cancel my ultrasound appointment that day, and call the glass company to let them know that I wasn't going to be picking up the glass I ordered for the top of Patrick's changing table/ dresser (I had told them I'd come get it that day). So I'm literally making phone calls from the delivery bed, all hopped up on drugs... Seriously??!!? I'm such a freak!

When they wheeled in Patrick from checking him out in the nursery, we also had some personal time to share, so I introduced myself and had a little chat with him all about his new family, my big dreams for him, and explained to him that we'll probably see our share of ups and downs, but promised to him that I'll always be there for him and will love him no matter what. He smiled for me the first time (or perhaps that was gas, but who cares?!) and he had me wrapped around his finger...

Once I finally got moved to the post partem room, my nurse Patti (pictured) got me all settled and comfortable and I had a couple more hours of Patrick time before Sheridan and my parents arrived at the hospital. I confided in Patti that I had no idea what I was doing and that I'd probably have a lot of questions, and she took GREAT care of us - she showed me how to hold the guy, breastfeed, diaper change, and all sorts of helpful things. And she brought me lots of great Percocets, so she was my BFF that day. :) AND Patti's birthday was also January 21st, so she was very excited to have been assigned to support Patrick and me... that was cool.

As we were preparing to head home from the hospital on Thursday night, Patrick was taken for some tests and it was shown that he was starting to develop jaundice. ACH! So we ended up having to keep him in the hospital for a couple of extra days while he spent time in the bililights, which breaks down the bilirubin enzyme that causes jaundice. It was so heartbreaking watching our little dude in his baby tanning bed with his little sunglasses on, but we knew he needed it, so I tried to manage my hormones and stay strong... And although I was technically discharged, we were able to stay in "Patrick's room" until he was released. All the "free" pudding cups and Sprite we could consume - woo hooo!

Alas, we finally got to leave the hospital on Sunday and get home with our son. If we had left on Friday, as planned, I may not have been ready... so perhaps our couple of extra days was helpful in getting me prepared for the idea of taking care of our little one.

And actually, once we got home, the REAL fun began!!! Stay tuned for more tales from mommy hood...

Love, Mer xo

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