Monday, February 23, 2009

More Tales from Motherhood

Suffice it to say, I have learned more over the last month of my life than all the other months of my life combined!! Having been a mommy for one month now, I've practiced my patience skills, become immune to bodily fluids (pee, poop, snot/boogers/nasal mucus, spit up, blood, sweat, and tears), learned to live on very little sleep, honed my listening skills ("is that crying upstairs?!!??"), learned to shave my legs in about 3 minutes flat, and learned how to eat VERY fast also (for those of you that know me well, this is a very big deal for a formerly slow eater), and much more. I'm sure that I'll continue to grow and change as much as my little one as time goes on...

I'd like to talk a little bit about pee fountains. Have you seen the diaper commercial on TV right now that shows the dad changing his son's diaper and when the diaper is removed, there's a spray of pee that comes out like a firehose? Well, that commercial is NO JOKE!! My little one has a trajectory like you wouldn't believe... He's sprayed me in the face, himself in the face, gotten every inch of the changing area, the lamp, wall, carpet beside the changing table, etc. etc. etc. multiple times! (Disclaimer for our landlord, who reads my blog - we're very friendly - I swear we're very sanitary people and cleaning up after the little guy religiously with lots of great products! hahaha) My favorite is when he spouts a pee fountain in the bathtub - it's like a little baby Bellagio show!

And why does Patrick love to pee and poop so much as soon as we open the diaper?? Let me just say - I'm glad we're using a diaper service that allows for unlimited nappies and not disposables... I'd be crying for mother earth, given how many diapers this kid goes through per day, given that he dirties 2 or 3 just while getting changed!! I'm guessing 20 or more in one day... it's unbelievable.

Otherwise, we had some problems helping Patrick get enough milk to help him through the 3 week growth spurt - he just never seemed satisfied after nursing. He would eat and then scream not too much later wanting more - it was not only frustrating, but PAINFUL and I was starting to feel like a major failure!!! I went to his pediatrician's appointment last Wednesday ready to beg her for advice and help with producing enough milk to satisfy the little guy - I felt like I was starving him and was ready to just switch to formula... But after weighing him, we found that he weighed 7 lbs, 5 oz and had gained almost 2 pounds in 2 weeks; he had also grown over 2 inches in length!! No wonder he couldn't get enough milk in his face - he was growing like a weed! And no, he was definitely not starving... he was just really HUNGRY! I was really relieved... I *was* doing everything right!

We're definitely getting the hang of things and catching our snap! When we first got home, we were both quite tentative with holding the baby, changing him, comforting him, feeding, etc. etc. etc. But with time and practice - it's been a crash course - we both feel much more comfortable with being parents. We're starting to understand Patrick's needs, cries, and signals better every day. And we've been working very hard on getting a routine established... I called last week the "formula intervention" because Patrick and I worked really hard to get my milk production up to satisfy him, wean him from formula supplementation, and to get him on a more predictable feeding schedule (he's gotten himself on a very reliable every 3 hour schedule during the day and is starting to space out the feedings at night). It was a challenging week, but we were successful and as a result, it's a much happier household this week. He seems more satisfied, is crying less, and sleeping better. :)))

All in all, I'm so in love with this sweet little man with his cute little sideburns, pink toes, expressive eyes and baby coos! Watching him grow and change has been the experience of a lifetime, and to think that it's never going to stop is overwhelmingly wonderful! We've taken hundreds of photos in just 4.5 short weeks, but here are some of our favorites... I hope you enjoy seeing the progression of our little dude's growth and maturation. More stories and photos to come... stay tuned!

Love, Mer xo

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Shannon said...

YAY for the day schedule followed with longer stretches at night!!!! I knew you could do it!That is the best feeling, isn't it? I am so proud of you! Way to go!!