Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just Stuff

Hi everyone! Well, it's that time of year again - the last couple weeks of the work year when there's really nothing left to do. My openings are filled, my candidates are traveling, and I am really just planning on how to hit the ground running on January 2, 2007.

Meanwhile, you're just going to have to be subjected to my random musings. You ready?

1. As some of might know, I'm heading home to Houston for Christmas on Saturday. This may or not be a total disaster, due to the fact that not one single member of my immediate family has anything in common - I'll keep you posted! Steve is coming with me, though, so he'll dilute some of the anxiety for me. I'll pretty much be introducing Christmas to him, since he's Muslim. My family celebrates more of a Santa-based holiday than a Christ-based holiday, so it shouldn't be too strange for him.

2. Has anyone ever read Meredith Vieira's blog? She's very witty! Check it out: http://meredithtoday.ivillage.com/entertainment/ Today, she wrote about having the name Meredith and some of the nicknames she had to endure growing up. LOVE her for bringing exposure to the name - people have actually heard of it now!! :)

3. Get ready for a seriously personalized blog, people. I just got a digital camera for Christmas! As if you don't already get enough of my BS, now you get to see it in technicolor!

OK, that's it for the day. Hope everyone's super duper today! 6 days left until Santa comes!!!

Love, Mer

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