Monday, December 04, 2006

LOOKY what I got today!!!

My boyfriend surprised me today with 30 perfect, lavender birthday roses. Personally delivered to my office, no less!! :) What a sweet way to celebrate my last week of being 30, before the big 3-1 hits on Saturday. Thank you, Ahmed!

In other observations, we only have 21 days of Christmas shopping left people! Nat, I'm ready for the 2nd annual champagne and Christmas-shopping-a-thon on the 16th. Christmas shopping is much easier with a little buzz, for sure. All of you out there - I highly recommend it!!

Last year we did (if I remember correctly) champagne at the house before we left, shopping, lunch and more drinks at Cheesecake Factory, more shopping, switched locations and did more shopping, hit happy hour at Outback for drinks and apps, then more shopping, then to a Christmas party. Sounds crazy, but I got every single bit of my shopping done on one day. This year, I'm creating a spreadsheet to make the process even more streamlined. I'm all over it!!!

I did buy my first Christmas gift online this morning, however - a little somethin' somethin' for my lovely girlfriend Kerry Loughlin. Congratulations, Ker - you're the first person from my list this year to get Christmas attention. :)

K, I'm done with my diatribe now. Have a great week, everyone!

Love, Mer

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