Thursday, November 30, 2006

Two Things

Hi guys! How is it Thursday already? The last few days have FLOWN by! Wow...

1. A Marine jet just crashed less than 5 miles from my office today. The Miramar Air Station is the next exit south from Blue Oasis Technologies and jets fly over my office all day, every day. It's sort of cool, partly annoying, and quite scary! I have a fear from childhood (from living near the airport and in the flight path) that I'm going to get squooshed on the ground by a crashing plane someday, so this pretty much scared the crap outta me today:

2. There's a cool article on MSNBC on Christmas movies that most of us haven't seen. I personally want to check some of these out this season. Thought I'd share it with my peeps!

You’ve seen: “A Christmas Carol” (1951)
Try: “Scrooge” (1970)

You’ve seen: “Bad Santa” (2003)
Try: “The Ice Harvest” (2005)

You’ve seen: “The Family Stone” (2005)
Try: “Some Girls” (1988)

You’ve seen: “A Christmas Story” (1983)
Try: “Christmas Evil” (1980)

You’ve seen: “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” (1964)
Try: “Santa Claus” (1959)


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