Friday, January 12, 2007

Dear Spinning Bike...

I wish I could say that I missed you, but I really haven't. We got to be very close during November and December, and you served a great purpose. I did, indeed, shed some pounds so that I felt great during the holidays. I didn't once get a comment from my rude mother about looking "puffy" and my ex said that he heard that I looked great, so I'm appreciative of your effect on my mental well-being.

However, the holidays are over, my New Year's hangover is gone, I'm starting to make plans for springtime visits to Vegas, I bought my first bikini of the year today, and I'm sure that plans will abound for poolside barbecues shortly. It IS San Diego, you know... and bikini weather comes quickly!!! Therefore, it's time for us to become reacquainted.

I shall spend one more weekend feasting on wintertime favorites such as juicy steaks and Mexican comfort food, but Monday, Operation Fatass must resume and I shall plop my once-again growing ass on your uncomfortable seat on Tuesday and Thursday of next week.

Did you miss me? I didn't think so.

Love, Mer

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