Monday, January 29, 2007

Politics - Not Just for The Dinner Table

The State of the Union speech last week has really gotten me thinking about, well… the state of our union. 2 years ago, right around this time, I felt a real sense of doubt and sadness that our country had just re-elected a leader whom I vehemently felt was taking our country in the wrong direction – I was very sad and disheartened about the future of our country. Attacking another country for the purpose of revenge and protecting our financial interests in oil, forcing the government’s ethics and morals upon us, and helping the rich get richer felt, to me, like priorities for our government. And I was supremely disappointed that the slim majority of our country agreed with those priorities. But here in 2007, I am sensing winds of change, and am feeling more hopeful than ever that our country is re-awakening and ready to make changes for the best, no matter which political party is leading the charge.

Speaking of, more friends of mine than not are Republicans. And that’s cool with me – I respect everyone’s personal opinions. Yet I feel extremely confident with my left-leaning politics, because I have considered them thoroughly – I’m pro-choice; anti-war but pro-troops (my ex is heading to the Middle East with the Navy in March!); pro-gay marriage (gay brother whom I want to have the same opportunity for matrimony, benefits, and divorce as me); supportive of protecting our environment and resources; hope to determine fair, tough, and humane immigration policies; desire stronger gun control; demand a separation of church and state; and want to continue social programs that help those that need societal support, like social security, welfare, and unemployment. And I willingly pay my dues (taxes) to live in this country which has given me so much opportunity and a great life. Do you know your political beliefs? If not, I suggest you give it some thought, as everyone's opinions matter for our future.

Political party lines aside, in the 2008 election, we must vote for the best candidates with the best attributes and experience to lead our country in a better direction. Obviously W has led our country in a direction in which a good majority of the country disagrees... So now is the time to truly investigate to find who is going to be the best candidate to bridge the gap between our parties and lead us, once again, to become an ethical and well respected member of the international community. Who do you like? John McCain? John Edwards? Hillary? Barack Obama? Rudy Giuliani? Someone else? Now’s the time to do your homework, people.

Whatever direction we choose, I'm just SO sick of those old, boring, hypocritical, fat, white guys that went to high school in the 50s trying to guide my morality and making decisions with their checkbooks in mind, versus what the heart of our nation needs. Wouldn't it be nice to have a change of scenery, if not mentality, in Washington? Wouldn’t it be nice for our government to mirror the landscape of our population – white, black, Asian, Latino, healthy, disabled, gay, straight, etc.?

If we MUST continue electing the old, boring, hypocritical, fat, white guys in their bad suits, can we at least send in the Fab Five to update their look, so they're not so painful to watch on CNN? I'm going to to nominate the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of our federal government for makeovers RIGHT NOW! Wouldn’t that be so fun to watch? I’d put Laura Bush in hair extensions, designer jeans, and leopard print heels. What do you think?

Have a great week, everyone! Love, Mer

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