Wednesday, January 24, 2007

End of An Era - New Beginnings for Shan

Leaving a job can sometimes be an emotional time, depending on the experience you had there, the kinds of friendships you made while there, and perhaps the amount of time you dedicated to that particular job. When I left Manpower Professional in Raleigh, I was REALLY sad to leave people that had become (and still are) incredible and life-long friends. I started my career there, obtained a mentor who taught me so much about being professional, and learned all the 'tricks of the trade' that allow me to be successful today within the recruiting industry.

Well, for my friend and sister-in-law, Shannon Darby (pictured), leaving her current job is particularly bittersweet. Shannon graduated from college and immediately began working for the Make a Wish Foundation of Houston, who, as you might know, grants wishes for sick children. They arrange for children with life-threatening diseases to meet their heroes, to visit Disneyland, or grant other wishes - big and small. Shannon met great colleagues and friends along the way, and even a husband!!

Anyway, Shannon has been working at Make a Wish since she graduated from college, which has been about 7 or 8 years now. Now she has little Finley, who’s one year old, and it’s time for her to pursue her passion for photography and other endeavours. I’m very proud of her! Leaving this role will be tough enough, as it is… but get this!!!

Shannon’s replacement is a weeeeee bit intimidating. She’s currently training a beautiful young woman named Morgan to take her place, who just happened to be Miss Texas 2005. Yep people, a beauty queen!!! I got an email from Shan yesterday stating “Nothing like a beauty queen taking your spot. My volunteers, etc…will be like ‘Shannon Who? We hit the jackpot!!’” How funny is that?!

Would you want this woman taking your place? If and when I ever have to hire someone to replace me in my job, I’m going to find someone way less beautiful and talented than I, so I can be remembered as the favorite person in this role ever. Is that bad?

Anyway, have a great day! Love, Mer

p.s. Please check out the Make A Wish Foundation at

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