Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

It’s been pretty quiet on The Mer Show, but don’t be fooled – that doesn’t mean that life is quiet! I’ve been swamped with work, being the crazy half of a long distance romance, cheering on the Chargers, Junior League, Baci ball, and getting ready for my mom to arrive on the 30th. It’s been a crazy couple of months with the holidays, and now dealing with the cleanup from the holidays!

Baci’s doing great – he got a new haircut this weekend and has been a pill all week to thank me for the experience... I need to take him to daycare tomorrow to wear him out in preparation for another weekend with me away, since I’m headed to San Jose this weekend to see Sheridan. Yea for me, boo for Baci! Anyone want to take care of him for me? I still haven’t worked that out yet…

On a random note, I just had a very memorable song pop up on my streaming radio today – Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. You know how in gymnastics the ladies perform to music on the floor – in high school, when I competed in gymnastics, this was my floor routine music! Gymnastics floor music can’t include any lyrics or vocalization of any kind, has to be 90 seconds in length, give or take a few seconds, and can be any style. For the gymnast, the music she chooses for her floor routine is usually very reflective of her personality or style. I’ve already expressed my love for electronic dance music, which started at a very early age, on my blog so this song was definitely reflective of my personal style… energetic, intense dance music. I guess I’m consistent! As for a high school girl dancing and tumbling to a song about a love triangle… maybe that was foreshadowing for my 20s!! ;)

On another note, it looks like my recruiting contract is going to be extended indefinitely, so that’s great news! Everyone keep your fingers crossed that the economy holds up – when the economy is strong, companies grow, hire, and need recruiters. When it weakens, we could be the first to go… So everyone get out there and spend money to keep things going, ok?

And go CHARGERS!!!

Love, Mer xo

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Shayne said...

Congrats on the extended contract!!! Please send some of that positive MoJo my way...

And even though I was your neighbor and charter member of the PLC and Pink Parties on the Life Sucker I have to say this, with all love and respect of course...

GO PATRIOTS!!!!! :-)