Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

I DO! Does everyone know that I'm moving up to the Bay Area in May of this year? Yep, moving again!! I'm SUPER excited about moving up to be with Sheridan and starting a new adventure together. Baci, Sheridan, and I are going to find a great little love nest and get The Sher and Mer Show on the road. There are tons of recruiting opportunities with tech companies up there (remember - keep spending, people, to keep the economy strong!) and I feel confident that I'll land somewhere great professionally, so I'm really excited about a new professional endeavour, as well.

This weekend, Sheridan and I did some more searching to figure out where we want to live and thought maybe Mountain View would be the place to be, but then we did some research on rentals of 2 bedroom/ 2 bath places, and decided that maybe we should expand the search... It's *pretty* spendy there!

Anyway, it seems like some of my peeps didn't get the memo, so I thought I'd just make the official press release - GOODBYE SAN DIEGO, HELLO BAY AREA! And thank you, Sheridan, for making my life happier every single day, and taking this step with me - we're going to be SO great together!

Love, Mer

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