Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Ellie!

Dear Miss Ellie, AKA Pooter Puntington,

Oh Ellie, ye of crossed eyes and lover of the hand jive, it is again your birthday. I remember when you came into Shannon's life so many years ago - the precursor to the hubby and child for Miss Kraus. You were there for her as she moved out of her high school bedroom and into the marital home, for all the wedding madness, and as several new additions joined the Kraus/ Orr family - Emily, Liam, Kaity, Gina's new kitties, and most importantly, your new humans Petri and little Finley. You've watched mommy learn how to cook, host family and friends for holidays and parties, and even lived through the experience of the escaped goat from the slaughterhouse. You, my friend, have lived a FULL life!!

May your crossed eyes see many more years of lovely experiences with your family, who loves you very much.

Happy birthday, Miss Ellie!!

Love, Auntie Mer Mer

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