Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Picture

Well, I've had the same picture up for the whole time I've been writing this blog, and I figure that since I really never wear my hair straight anymore, that old picture didn't even look like me anymore. And as I get older, I look more and more like my mother (what a quagmire - she's a very nice looking lady, but every woman fears turning into her mother, right?)! So when I looked at that old photo of me on my 31st birthday (yesterday was my 32nd half birthday, meaning that I'm now 32.5), I hardly recognize myself!

I guess, too, that my life is SO different than when that photo was taken... it was time for a new one. Don't you agree?

And as my life changes even more, keep your eyes peeled for new features to The Mer Show. Could it perhaps be The Sher and Mer Show at some point? Or the Hall show? Stay tuned!

Love, Mer

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