Monday, August 04, 2008

First Day of Temporary Retirement

So............. it's my first day of unemployment, since my contract with Affymetrix ended Friday. The last 3 times I've been unemployed, I was in San Diego and 2 of those times it was summertime and I spent a good majority of my time at the beach (or pool) with a cocktail in hand. (Does that mean I've found myself in this predicament 3 summers in a row? Wow, I'm incredibly unlucky, but at least drinking made the day go by faster. This time, no luck there...) I spent my time at the beach or with friends who either worked nights or were also homebound during the day. This time, I don't really know too many people here in San Jose, and don't really have any regular spots yet, so I'm going to have to get creative with my time. I think this is going to be my to do list today. What do you think?

1. Update profile on Linked In and check the job boards, return a couple of professional phone calls. CHECK - done.

2. Make and eat breakfast. CHECK - done.

3. Shower and get dressed. Need to do that.

4. Run to Target to pick up soap for the bathroom, try not to buy anything else.

5. Do some grocery shopping and make Sheridan dinner like a good housewife. Let's see, what doesn't nauseate me today??

6. Perhaps hit the gym if the baby allows me any energy today.

OK, that looks like a pretty healthy list!! Maybe tomorrow will be cleaning day and maybe catching up with my long distance friends who are also not working, or perhaps if I'm lucky, I'll have an interview lined up! Wish me luck.

Off to start my exciting day!! Love, Mer

UPDATE: I bought my bridal veil this morning and am wearing it around the house this afternoon. I am GETTING MARRIED IN ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

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