Friday, August 15, 2008


Nastia Liukin is decidedly not anything like Mary Lou Retton - she's more like a Nadia Comeneci... but man, she is my kind of gymnast!!! She's so elegant and graceful, and more like a ballerina than a powerhouse athlete; it's so refreshing to see artistic gymnastics once again! Nastia put on a stellar performance and made it look so easy... beautiful under pressure, and made ridiculously difficult routines look like a cakewalk.

I am disappointed for Shawn Johnson, since she went into the Olympics expecting to win, and with much media pressure to do so, but she did her best, and that landed her a silver medal. But an American 1, 2 finish - OMG, how exciting!!!!!

I cried. Could be the progesterone coursing through my veins, but I was really blown over with emotion at the end of watching the DVR recording of the women's all-around final. I'm serious - I CRIED! Not much phases me these days after everything I've been through the last few years, but the Olympics has brought me several tear-filled moments this summer... it's ridiculous!

Anyway, congratulations to Nastia Liukin on her fabulous gold medal win, and to Shawn Johnson, as well, for her also brilliant performance and silver medal.

Love, Mer

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