Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So things here in San Jose are wrapping up quickly! With my most recent layoff, Sheridan and I decided to get moving to Austin early, and we've been busy putting plans into place.

The last week or so, I've been super busy with looking at houses in Austin, and trying to narrow down the inventory. In the process, people have rented the units that I had my eye on about 4 times... It seems as though the rental market in Austin is ROCKIN'! I guess that's a good sign that we're moving to a great area, no?! :)

My folks drove from Houston to Austin yesterday to check out some of the places we identified online and checked out 6 properties for us. They gave us awesome feedback on 3 of them, and we chose one. After a lot of thought, the house we chose will fit our furniture perfectly and will be a perfect place to start our life in Austin. And after we made our decision, I was really excited... this is a beautiful house in a perfect area! I'll post more details when the ink is dry on the contract. :)

Otherwise, we had an ultrasound yesterday and the baby is doing really well. He's getting big and chubby, and his measurements look just right. In fact, I'm predicting an 8 lb baby, folks! I guess all my rest and extra calories have been paying off. We're getting really excited and I know that before we know it, our little boy will be here with us. Wow... I still can't believe I'm going to be a mother soon. Wow!!

Anyway, there are more updates to follow. Stay tuned! Love, Mer

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