Monday, December 01, 2008

Today in The Damn News


"The Dow closes down about 680 points as manufacturing hits a 260year low and the U.S. is declared in a recession."

Isn't it just a kick in the face to see this headline on the day that I also got laid off AGAIN (for the 4th time in 2 years)? I need a new profession. Any thoughts on what I should pursue? Here are some ideas I have:

1. Open a doggie day care (although who's spending money on that right now?)
2. Pampered Chef or Arbonne consultant (again, is anyone spending money on that right now?)
3. Spinning instructor (after I'm healed from the baby)
4. Therapist (After all, I can empathize with pretty much everything at this point and there's probably a heightened need for mental help these days)
5. Resume writer (I bet the demand is quite good for that these days!)
6. Professional blogger (Think there's any way to monetize The Mer Show?)

I'm taking any and all suggestions! But for the love of God, please just don't suggest recruiting right now... I'll cut your head off and throw it out the window.

Love, Mer

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