Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bachmeister

I promise I'll start writing actual CONTENT again soon, but here's just one more photo I have to share... Look at this dog - I mean, really, how cute is this face?

However, if Baci play bites Patrick a little too hard again, like he did yesterday, I'm going to be advertising for a FREE MALTIPOO! Patrick is a great sport with Baci's nuzzles, cuddles, licks, and play bites, but yesterday Baci got a *little* carried away and was grounded, i.e. in his crate, for the rest of the night. I hope he learned his lesson!!

But meanwhile, he sure is cute, posing with his new green ball. I should get him into doggie modeling so he can help pay for himself! ;)

Love, Mer


Jenni said...

Compared to this he has gotten so big! What a cutie!


Meredith said...

I know, it's ridiculous - he was supposed to be this cute little purse dog/ 9 pounder that I could take around with me... but he was bred in Tijuana (HAHAHA), so he ended up being a big, fat imposter! But he's still really cute and funny, so I'll let it slide. (But seriously, if he bites the baby again, he's on the market...)