Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Cool Mommy iPhone App

So Patrick is still a little young for this, but I came across it today and thought I'd share it with my mommy friends who use iPhones. The Baby Center PhonyPhone application allows kids/ babies to dial numbers and "make calls" without actually making calls - it's a dummy interface! Kids can dial away on a colorful fake keyboard, enjoy musical note icons and giggle noises. and parents can enjoy knowing their kids aren’t racking up minutes on the phone plan. Supposedly it's good for developing hand-eye coordination and fostering imaginary play, which might be a stretch, but it might keep your kid busy (and your iPhone from crashing) for a few minutes while you try on new shoes! :)

iPhone users - check it out! It's only $.99 so if you don't love it, it wasn't too much of a loss...

Love, Mer

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sarah from the suburbs said...

I'm definitely going to give this one a try. Kate LOVES to play with my iPhone. She even puts it up to her ear now. Every time it rings, she says "Dada". So cute! Thanks for the tip!