Sunday, September 20, 2009

Patrick's Baptism

Well, we went to San Diego last weekend with the purpose of enjoying some fun in the sun, seeing friends and family, and baptizing our little monster. Aside from a pretty nasty stomach flu (or maybe it was food poisoning, who knows?!) that kept us sidelined half the weekend, we did get to see friends, enjoy family, and indoctrinate the newest member of the Catholic church. Sheridan's Catholic and it was very important to him and his family to baptize lil P Catholic, so I got the love muffin all dressed up in his finest white duds and invited some special friends to join in the celebration. Patrick was a perfect angel throughout the ceremony and was a good mini host at his party afterward - I was so proud of him! Unfortunately, Patrick's godparents, Sarah and Brandon, weren't able to travel from Colorado, since Sarah's expecting a little bambino in just a few weeks (well, about 15 or so), but they were there in spirit and are going to be wonderful godparents throughout Patrick's life. Here are a few pics of the special day:

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