Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Mer Show Turns One

Happy anniversary to me! One year ago, I started keeping track of my demented and unremarkable thoughts, my crazy life events, and communicating with my long distance friends through The Mer Show. It's been so much fun and I hope that some of you have enjoyed it too...

Highlights through the year include:

*Introducing Baci to the world
*Getting laid off from Blue Oasis Technologies
*Fasting for 10 days (the Master Cleanse)
*Buying Lady Marmalade
*Getting towed twice in one year and lamenting scores of parking tickets
*Britney got divorced, Paris got arrested, and Mario won Dancing With The Stars
*Making new friends and losing some others
*Saving Davis the cat!
*I finally saw the Padres win at Petco Park
*I committed to the Chargers, the spinning bike, Barack Obama, and living as vegetarian as possible
*Watching my gorgeous nephew Finley grow into a little boy

It's certainly been interesting! Thanks for tuning into The Mer Show, and let's hope that the next year is just as exciting, but the most successful one ever for me and all of my friends and family.

Love, Mer

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