Monday, October 22, 2007

San Diego is on Fire

So I'm sure that most of you have seen on the news that there are wildfires raging across San Diego right now. Fortunately, I live right on the coast in downtown San Diego and am very safe, but there are many people here that are not as lucky. I'm actually quite concerned about some friends of mine who live up north and in the way of danger. I tried calling them, but can't reach them. Say a prayer for my friends, please.

Right now there are about 12 fires burning that are threatening most of North San Diego and my office is going to be closed for the next couple of days. After a mellow weekend, I was pretty ready to get back to work and be productive, so I was a little bummed to be at home again today. Baci is driving me crazy - he's in puppy mode this morning, peeing on things, stealing my pens and running from me, barking at the front door, etc. etc. etc. If I didn't put him in his crate a few minutes ago, I would have eventually committed dog-icide!!!!

Anyway, I'll be at home over the next couple of days, but am advised to stay off my cell. Send me funny emails, k? :)

Love, Mer

p.s. OH, and I fell off the wagon Saturday and am eating again. I'm a big, fat loser for not finishing what I started, but for some reason, the lemonade was just *repulsive* to me this time and I couldn't drink it!!! So without that nourishment, I just couldn't make it. But I do feel like I cleaned out a bit, and look less bloated. And I'm not craving meat or caffeine, so at least I broke myself of those habits!! :)

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