Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Extended Birthday Show

So this weekend was a trip up to see Sheridan in SF for my actual birthday on Sunday. We had a beautiful, romantic dinner a deux on Friday night at this sweet little spot called Tiramisu (we would have never found this place if it weren't for the concierge at our hotel - it was adorable!) and met up with Sheridan's friend Brent and his gal pal du noir for drinks and funny stories about Sheridan. I kept thinking that these stories were from high school, or something, but it turns out that they were from a couple of years ago!! I'm glad he has recent stories which include rather silly behavior, too... hahaha We're obviously meant to be together, because I'm the queen of it!

Saturday we had breakfast at a sidewalk cafe, went to Union Square and did some shopping (Sheridan got some awesome shoes that he graciously let me pick out - swoon!), and hit the Yahoo! year end party Saturday night. I've NEVER been to a party so cool in my life - casino, live bands, arcade, indoor ice skating rink, ice sculptures, open bar, food for days... it was an awesome time!! Sunday - slept in, had breakfast with my very old friend Marc, who lives in the city (he spilled some of my embarassing stories!), rode the cable cars down to Fisherman's Wharf and Ghiradelli Square, and roamed around the city until it was time to go home. Parting is always such sweet sorrow, but this week, my honey's coming to visit on Thursday - so it wasn't quite so bad this time!! :)

Anyway, the birthday extended to yesterday - some girlfriends took me for a lovely lunch at Il Fornaio in Del Mar, and this weekend is the birthday soiree at a wine bar with about 20 of my peeps. It's the most extended birthday week ever, but I love it! Thanks to all my friends and family - and Sheridan!!! - for making this year's birthday so full of joy and love. I'm so lucky!

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