Monday, December 17, 2007

Yep, More Birthday Celebrations!

At this point, it's just becoming silly. We celebrated the 4th annual 29th birthday *again* this weekend! Drinks, gossip, friends, and some very amusing photos... but the best part was having my Sheridan come to town to meet all my peeps and play house with me for a weekend. :) Thanks to all of you that joined us at Wine Cabana (and then Old Town Saloon for the late-night party) for yet another birthday celly!

Saturday night, Sheridan and I met up with the future in-laws for some dinner at their house and then a cheesy little Christmas parade on the SD Bay Sunday night. I'm so excited to have met a guy with an awesome family - the Halls are great people!!

OK, the birthday is officially done and it's time for Christmas. Houston, here we come!!!

Love, Mer

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