Friday, December 21, 2007

Dear Santa,

I have been a pretty girl girl this year! I have done a lot of good things (just a couple bad things), given to charity, made new friends, become closer with family, and adopted a poor, defenseless puppy and given him a home. ;)

So with that, here's my Christmas list! Don't forget I'm in Houston - remember where you used to bring me toys as a kid? THERE!!! I'm pretty much the same person - just taller and fatter now.

I promise to be good all next year if you bring me all the things on my list this year. Thanks, in advance, Santa Claus!! Love, Mer

1. Turbo Beetle Convertible (yep, still on the list!)

2. A big, fat sapphire cocktail ring

3. Burberry collar and leash for my designer doggie

4. 7 foot tall black TV armoire with a new TV (after all, mine ist he one my parents bought me when I left home in 1994!)

5. Vintage print Gucci bag

6. Brown Escada sunglasses

7. New gym wardrobe

8. World peace and global environmental awareness

9. The man of my dreams at the breakfast table on Christmas morning. :)

1 comment:

rosemari said...

Hahaha...MY TV is the one my grandmother had when my parents met (they were 15). Maybe I need to revise my wish list...:)